Resources For Mark Twain’s Journal Publications

As was common at the time, Mark Twain published much of his work, including whole novels, in journals like the Atlantic Monthly, the Saturday Evening Post, or The North American Review. Terry Ballard has reposted and expanded his collection of references to many of these journal peices on his website. For over half of his references, he links directly to the full text. If you like Twain, you’ll like what Ballard has done.
One short piece that I had not seen before is “The Austrian Edison Keeping School Again” on Jan Szczepanik and his problem with military service. Twain published it in The Century, 56 (Aug 1898), 630-631.

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  1. Duane,
    Thanks for the comment! I’m going back through the list now and adding links where the item in question is available in an alternate source from the same time period. The goal is 100% access.

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