Slow Blogging – Fast Politicking

If anyone cares, blogging will be slow for the near future. While I will continue to post from time to time, most of the time that I (ab)normally use for blogging and the research that drives many of my posts will be given instead to Measure X, a local ballot measure to provide funding for our local library. This activity is varied. Not all of it, like calling people I don’t know and asking for something I’m not sure they want to give, comes naturally to me. Learning new abnormal skills does not come easily. Learning them at a sometimes hectic pace doesn’t make it any easier. Most of the people I have met and continue to meet are abnormally interesting. Most of the work is fun and the cause is important.
I do continue to work on a couple of research projects, now more as filler activates than as high priorities, and I do look at my RSS feed at least once a day. So over the coming four weeks I may well produce a few abnormal posts, just not at a near daily rate.