Solid Liberal

I took the political typology quiz from the Pew Research Center. And guess what?

Based on your responses, YOU are a… Solid Liberal
Along with 14% of the public

No real surprise there. I was a little surprised that so few questions dealt directly with the issue of debt, costs, and revenues (aka taxes). Many questions went to issues that if I had my way would cost more than we are currently spending and there was little or nothing about how to pay for them. Don’t get me wrong, I think the current political wrangling about the deficient is a sham issue, a side show motivated by quite other, in some cases, quite evil, things. But I am actually rather fiscally conservative and believe we need think about how we pay for things. And there seemed to be rather little of that in the Pew Quiz – not none of it, just rather little of it. Had there been more I might have turned out to be a “Post-Modern” and that would have really ticked me off.
The quiz is itself a bit of a sideshow for Pew’s report on Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology. Not surprisingly, things are more complicated than they are generally portrayed.

2 thoughts on “Solid Liberal”

  1. You apparently fell into the largest of the 9 categories they had. I fell into the 9% who were “libertarian” (which didn’t surprise me).
    I also found the selection of questions a little lacking, as well as the two choices of the questions, that they did have, a bit limited. There were a number of them in which I thought neither really applied because both (and more not mentioned) was the more appropriate direction.

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