Someone Loves Government

At least someone loves the Los Angeles County government. The Los Angeles County auditor-controller’s office confirmed Friday that back in May they received a cashier’s check for $10,000.00. The accompanying note said, “In this time of economic difficulties, governments need all the help they can get. Please put this anonymous check to good use. God bless you.”
For over a decade, Shirley and I have made modest monthly contributions to the acquisition fund of our local city library. We do this for three reasons. First, we believe in the value of the Pomona Library’s collection and what to make sure it is maintained. Second, the library provides a valuable service to those who need it and to those who don’t. Drop by any time it is open and you will see an amazing cross section of our local population taking advantage of its services. It is truly an equalitarian institution. Third, we give because anytime one of our anti-tax friend says, “If you want to pay more in taxes so much, why don’t you just donate to the government?” we can say, “We do and we still think we are under taxed!”
Whoever sent that $10,000.00 check to Los Angeles County made an important statement about the value of government and their commitment to it. You can read the whole story in the Los Angeles Times.
PS In this case I won’t quibble about the gratuitous “God bless You.”

One thought on “Someone Loves Government”

  1. Sending even more of our money to a government that doesn’t listen is like throwing our money into a black hole. When our governments actually jail lying politicians (dreaming? probably), then the money is much better donated to the library. Education encourages democracy even more than government, I find. It’s nice to you see you have better financial scruples.

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