Spreading Civilization

The Egyptian State Information Service reports that archeologists, working at Alexandria, have discovered a statue that may or may not be a statue of Alexander the Great. That’s somewhat interesting. But I found the following remark in the short article abnormally interesting.
“Alexander the Great is widely credited with spreading civilization as he marched across what was then the known world.”
I wonder what the Persians would have thought of such a statement. Perhaps a word is missing before “civilization.”

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  1. It also says “Such a discovery will lead to the tomb of Alexander the Great”. Is he believed to have been buried in Alexandria?

  2. Yeah, I don’t recall all the details, but there’s a strong tradition with a long and complex history, particularly with regard to the use and abuse of his sarcophagus which seems to have been looted and replaced in antiquity a time or two, that his body is in Alexandria.

  3. I’ve just been teaching my class the section on ancient Egyptian religion. Certainly they believed that they were the truly superior civilization as far back as the Old Kingdom. I’m surprised that the Egyptian State Information Service didn’t second that motion!

  4. Yes, Aydin, according to historical reports, Ptolemy snagged the “magnificent” multi-layered sarcophagus of Alexander, took it with him to Egypt, and set it up in Memphis. Diodorus describes the site in Memphis in detail.
    Ptolemy II Philadelphos, moved the body to Alexandria and built a monumental shrine/building. Both Julius Caesar and Augustus visited the shrine. Caligula visited the site (and reportedly took away A’s golden cuirass. Strabo reports on it and so does Cassius in the 2nd CE. Caracalla also is reported to have visited the site in the 3rd.
    So many historical records support the final resting place of Alexander as being in Alexandria, that it does seem a logical place to start the hunt… though nobody’s found the withered and mummified body or remains of the site as yet.

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