Tablets From The House Of Urtenu

RSO 18)Pierre Bordreuil and Dennis Pardee along with Robert Hawley have just formally published 87 alphabetic tablets from the house of Urtenu in Ugarit. Several of these tablets have been previewed here and there over the last couple of years. Not surprisingly over half of the tablets are administrative texts of various kinds but there are some judicial texts and private and royal letters too. The collection also includes three “exercises.” Being abnormal, I am anxious to have a good look at the exercises. A couple of my back burner projects draw on the specific nature (content, structure, etc.) and distribution of student exercises. Truly abnormal readers may remember that I recently quoted a text that mentioned an Urtenu. I think it most likely this Urtenu.
You can find the full tablet of contents of the new publication at the Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée website.
And below is all you need to find this volume at your nearest library or bookseller. Well, maybe not you’re nearest library or book seller but at some library or bookseller.

Bordreuil, Pierre and Dennis Pardee with Robert Hawley, Une bibliothèque au sud de la ville***. Textes 1994-2002 en cunéiforme alphabétique de la maison d’Ourtenou Ras Shamra-Ougarit XVIII (RSO 18; Lyon: Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée – Jean Pouilloux, 2012)