Temple: Some Assembly Required

A roof terracotta element from Torre di SatrianoIt doesn’t happen all that often but on this occasion I agree with Jim West the Younger. The recently discovered a 6th Century BCE temple or palace from Torre di Satriano, Italy, is interesting mostly because of its artisan inscriptions. These inscriptions give coded instructions on how to assemble a temple or palace. From the limited information in the Telegraph article, I’m left with the impression that the parts of the temple (or palace) may have been prefabricated elsewhere and then assembled on site.
Dan Diffendale of Tria Corda thinks the inscriptions only apply to the terracotta elements of the buildings roof system. He directs us to the Unibas site where you can find several pictures (15-20 and 32-60), including the one I copped cropped for this post. If Dan is correct, I think it even more likely that artisans prefabricated these terracotta elements for (re)assembly on site.