The ACLU, The First Amendment and A Muslim Charter School

It is a nearly a mantra among right leaning religions leaders and politicians that the ACLU is anti-Christian. It turns out they are anti-Muslim also. Well, they’re not so much anti-Muslim (or anti-Christian) as pro-First Amendment. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune has an article about the ongoing legal struggle, now partially settled, between the ACLU and Minnesota education commissioner, Islamic Relief USA, and Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA), a K-10 charter school. It seems that TiZA receives public funds and promotes Islam. The ACLU sees that as a violation of the 1st Amendment just like they do when other religious groups use public funds to promote their own religion. The ACLU is right. Funny there hasn’t been the usual outrage from the right about this case.
Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars via Religion Clause.