The Amazing Mind Of Glen Beck

Robert Cargill on Glen Beck,

mr. beck is not as cunning as bill o’reilly, not as witty as keith olbermann, not as smart as rush limbaugh, and not as hot (intellectually) as rachel maddow. glenn beck lacks the political acumen of george will, the savvy of paul begala, the objective demeanor of juan williams, the strategic humor of james carville, the ingenuity of thomas friedman, the inquisitive journalistic tenacity of steve inskeep, the experience of david gergen, the brains of jeff greenfield, and the influence of matt drudge. rather, this body-by-hostess spokesperson suffering from diarrhea of the mouth is little more than an annoying sideshow – an overly dramatic, undereducated, sub-populist, train wreck, that makes the otherwise media-wise rupert murdoch look like a fool for signing him. [Note: the shift key is broken on Robert’s keyboard]

Oh yeah, Robert also has a good, properly scathing, critique of Glen Beck’s misstatements concerning the Dead Sea Scrolls. But I think he almost gives Beck too much credit.

glenn beck appears to be confusing the dead sea scrolls with the nag hammadi library, a cache of early christian gnostic texts written in coptic dating to the third and fourth centuries ce and discovered in the upper egypt town of nag hammadi in 1945.

For Beck to be confused, he would need to have had some actual knowledge on the subject at sometime or other. In fact, he would have had to have at least two pieces of actual knowledge so he could confuse them. But as Robert says,

facts are secondary in the mind of glenn beck. what really matters to the likes of beck is massaging and distorting these facts until they fit whatever preconceived argument he’s already formulated in his mind.

But this, too, may give Beck too much credit.