The Bibliobolg Carnival

The latest Biblical Studies Carnival is up at Scotteriology. It has a number of interesting posts which I missed last month so I imagine that some others did also. But between it and the three segment Biblical Studies Carnival that James McGrath did the previous month, one of several problems with the larger enterprise is clear. This month Scott Bailey of Scotteriology quite reasonable posted only those links that he received as nominations for the September carnival. James McGrath of Exploring Our Matrix quite unreasonably but still understandably posted nearly every link he could get his hands on. James was following recent tradition in this regard. But having done a few carnivals each with the order of one hundred links, I rather think the future is more in Scott’s direction than James’.
While I think the monthly Ba’al of the carnival should be able to refers us to a couple of posts that she found interesting, I think nominations, and nominations by third parties at that, should dominate the Biblical Studies Carnivals. It is not easy to recruit folks to host carnivals and limiting the amount of work would surely be a help in that regard. But I also think it would bring an important focus. It is helpful to know that a link will take me to a post that at least the host and one other person thought abnormally interesting. But that means that more of us, including me, need to be involved in the process.