The Dodgers’ Woo Master

Vladimir Shpunt, . . . knows next to nothing about baseball.
Yet the Dodgers hired him to, well, think blue.
Frank and Jamie McCourt paid him to help the team win by sending positive energy over great distances. [Los Angeles Times]

Read the whole crazy story.
I was beginning to have positive thoughts about the Dodgers this year. But now, I’m rather bewildered. Do you think this change of heart on my part will hurt their chances? Perhaps at only about 35 miles away, I live too close to Dodger Stadium for my good thoughts to help anyway.
I wonder how much this expenditure affected the price of a ticket or a hotdog. Likely, not much. But it does show that someone has the wrong priorities. They should have hired Mr. Shpunt to have good thoughts about BP. It would have worked as well as our regulatory process did.
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One thought on “The Dodgers’ Woo Master”

  1. Duane,
    The Russian Wizard should know that half of the players give the sign of the cross before each AB; this causes havoc on any spell.
    Also, he might not help the BP situation, because the Gulf stream of prayers will block spells. Note the widows of the eleven say no to going back, but the governor says yes. This is like trying to tame the bear who just tore off your leg.

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