The End Is Coming

If it weren’t for reports that Jesus will return on May 21 and that some god will destroy the world on October 21, blog traffic here would be normal. But traffic is abnormally high for this time of year. Something of the order of 25% of current traffic is going to two posts: one with the modest claim that Harold Camping isn’t a biblical scholar and the other with the equally modest claim anyone with beliefs based on text and/or tradition alone is no more than one step away from Harold Camping.
But the end of this traffic bubble is coming. I predict that traffic here will return to normal shortly after October 21 with a dip after May 21. If blog traffic falls to zero on October 21, I’ll let you know. But for now, I’ll ride the wave.

5 thoughts on “The End Is Coming”

  1. Would it be wrong for you to throw up a few adsense squares on those pages, take advantage of the bubble and add a few pennies to your pocket? 🙂

  2. I don’t think it would be wrong. At this stage of my life, its just not my thing. The $1.50 or so I get every six months from Amazon is enough to irritate Shirley. Not getting it would make her bookkeeping easier!

  3. Is that for the referral program they had (you link to a book from your site, a visitor goes to Amazon from you and buys it, you get a commission)? When they first started doing that, I had no interest, but when I felt interested a few years later, I could no longer find any reference to it. I assume they have either buried it deeply into their website, now, or that they had given up on the program.
    So, in 5 days, do you think we will finally hear the end to this hysteria (at least, this incarnation of it) and be able to continue on with our lives without people asking “is it true”?

  4. Busi,
    Yes, that’s the Amazon program. I’m not sure how to find it again myself. Once you join the program there’s a special area for “associates,” that’s what they call us, where one gets links and sees how little money is in one’s account.
    As to our hearing the last of this incarnation of the crazy: I’m not sure, if there is so much as one earthquake, no matter how small, anywhere in the world on Sunday the whole nonsense is good to go until October 21.

  5. Thank you for the info. The word “associate” was enough for me to find it right away. But, with books that I might recommend as niche as those of Huehnergard, et alii, “how little money is on one’s account” is quite appropriate phrasing. 🙂
    “[…] if there is so much as one earthquake […]”
    I had not even thought of that angle. With Japan and the tornadoes, et cætera, the odds are against us, and this could be a long 5 months. :/
    Thanks again.

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