The End Of A Virtual Relationship

As I think about the demise of Jim West’s blog, I can’t help but think of this paragraph from Jean-Paul Sartre’s tribute to Albert Camus,

He and I had quarreled. A quarrel doesn’t matter — even if those who quarrel never see each other again — just another way of living together without losing sight of one another in the narrow little world that is allotted us. It didn’t keep me from thinking of him, from feeling that his eyes were on the book or newspaper I was reading and wondering: “What does he think of it? What does he think of it at this moment?”

Now this doesn’t exactly apply to Jim West the man but in a strange way I think it does apply to Jim West’s blog. I do not mean to compare Jim West’s blog to The Fall or Jim West to Albert Camus or myself to Sartre. The loss of Jim West’s blog is certainly not the kind of tragedy that inspired Sartre’s tribute to Camus. But Jim and I did quarrel blog to blog on occasion and I did from time to time wonder what he might think of this or that. My blog often had a shaky relationship with Jim West’s blog but it was a virtual human relationship and I will miss it.
Then, perhaps we should give this three days and see what happens.