The Latest ZA

The latest issue of the Zeitschrift für Assyriologie und vorderasiatische Archäologie is now available. This issue seems abnormally interesting. Here’s the Table of Contents.

  • Vera Meyer-Laurin, Die marû-Basen der sumerischen Verben túm „hin-, wegführen“ und e6/de6 „bringen, liefern“
  • Jan Keetman, Enmerkar und Sulge als sumerische Muttersprachler nach literarischen Quellen
  • Paul Delnero, Sumerian Literary Catalogues and the Scribal Curriculum
  • Maria Vittoria Tonietti, The Expedition of Ebla against Ašdar(um) and the Queen of arran
  • Martin Worthington, A new phonological difference between Babylonian and (Neo-)Assyrian
  • Dirk Wicke, Die Goldschale der Iabâ – eine levantinische Antiquität

I do hope the day will come when this and other journals are open access. But for now, you and I will need to have a subscription, access to a good library (that’s my preferred approach) or order abnormally interesting individual articles. In the case of ZA, the price of an individual article is about what one would expect to pay for a book! And the annual subscription price? About what you’d expect for a book from Brill.