The Lead Codices And The Bibliobloggers

Robert Cargill makes several important points about the so-called “Jordon Lead Codices” and about Tom Verenna’s video on them and their debugging. None of Bob’s observations is more interesting than this.

If you have not been following this case, Bibliobloggers (scholars and students who blog about matters pertaining to the Bible) were among the first and most vocal critics of this so-called “discovery,” and many have led the way in demonstrating their lack of authenticity.

I am not sure (and I am too lazy to check) if I have written anything previously about these fakes and the likely fraud that lies behind their manufacture. The technical issues are well outside of my normal abnormal interests and my capabilities. While I had no role in any of this, it is point of pride to be among clan of Bibliobloggers who did play leading roles in exposing these objects and there inscriptions for what they are – fakes.
Yea Bibliobloggers!!!!


Here’s Tom’s video. It can’t get too much play.

Nice job!
Abnormally, Jim West is correct about Bob’s post.

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