The Marginalization Of Women In The Bible

Christopher Rollston has a nice piece in The Huffington Post on the marginalization of women in in the Bible. Here’s his conclusion.

People today often wish to turn to sacred literature for timeless trues about social norms. This impulse is certainly understandable. But that impulse can be fraught with certain difficulties. After all, to embrace the dominant biblical view of women would be to embrace the marginalization of women. And sacralizing patriarchy is just wrong. Gender equality may not have been the norm two or three millennia ago, but it is essential. So, the next time someone refers to “biblical values,” it’s worth mentioning to them that the Bible often marginalized women and that’s not something anyone should value.

His last sentence addresses a larger question. Why would anyone think that an ancient set of works, any ancient set of works, would provide moral guidance on much of anything? The Biblical writers learned their “values” from their culture. That’s how we do it too. Some of their “values” were positive moral values by virtual their humanity. I’d argue that we need a considerably more humanity in our vlaues.