The Oktoberfest Biblical Studies Carnival Is Up

The Oktoberfest Biblical Studies Blog Carnival Extravaganza is up at ξἐνος. Jonathan has done a very commendable job at pulling this month’s carnival together.
But in so doing, he has put me in a bit on an embarrassing position. Some of you may remember that last month I complained about what I saw as the Biblical Studies Carnivals moving in rather unfortunate direction. I find this carnival both more helpful and more in keeping with what I see as its proper charter. I’m not sure I had anything to do with that nor should have I had anything to do with it. It was Jonathan’s carnival this time. But among the things I said in my rant was,

I do worry that my concerns are in part a sour grapes reaction to not being included. It’s true that I didn’t nominate any of my own posts for inclusion. If I had, I’m reasonably sure one or two would have been selected. I have no reason to gripe about not being included. I do hope that my concerns transcend the purely personal but, humans being as they are, I cannot be sure.

Well, Jonathan sure didn’t leave me our this time! In fact, he included a couple of posts that I likely wouldn’t have included myself. They just don’t have that much directly to do with Biblical studies. But I am grateful for their inclusion. For the record, again this month, I didn’t nominate any of my own posts.
Jonathan does have much good and relevant material. I also like the carnival having a name rather than a number. Please check it out.

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  1. thanks Duane! we are not always the best judges of what other people may find interesting! I actually really enjoy those snippets and random off-cuts of research in progress. I thought the snake omens were a particularly fascinating ANE insight.

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