The “Philosophical” Basis For Not Taking Government Assistance

According to Ayn Rand,

The recipient of a public scholarship is morally justified only so long as he regards it as restitution and opposes all forms of welfare statism. Those who advocate public scholarships, have no right to them; those who oppose them, have. If this sounds like a paradox, the fault lies in the moral contradictions of welfare statism, not in its victims.

See, that’s the justification for the well off taking government assistance but no one else. So now you know why it just isn’t fair to ask someone who is against government assistance why they take the very government assistance they oppose. They’re only getting their fair restitution while everyone else is getting a handout. Make no mistake; many folks think this is a statement of high morality based on a sure ethical principle. With them, there is no basis for moral discussion or even policy discussion. And there is no reason to trust anything they say with regard to shared moral responsibility or the commonweal.
Via Leiter Reports