The Preliminary Gezer Report – Now Read

I took a few minutes last night to read the preliminary report on the renewed Gezer excavations that I mentioned yesterday. I found two things abnormally interesting. The first item that struck me was this concerning a “short wall” associated with the MBII glacis.

A short wall section (W41067; length 1.3 m), built of two courses and three rows of small unhewn boulders, was uncovered above this plaster cap. Its function remains enigmatic.

From the brief write-up I can’t quite figure out exactly how these stones where associated with the glacis. I do wonder if they are actually part of a footing for a screening wall similar to Wall 4026 that we uncovered in Dever/Seger’s Field II in 1973. I plan to write Ortiz or Wolff about this.
The second item of interest concerned a glimpse of a monumental LB building. Not much as yet, but a possible significant glimpse nonetheless.

The crib and retaining walls of this unit [part of the Iron II fortifications] were built upon LB destruction debris. A probe into this LB level yielded a large, round in situ pillar base (L31071; diam. 0.85 m; Fig. 2), which would appear to indicate the presence of a monumental LB building.

As far as I know, no monumental LB building has ever been uncovered at Gezer. This could really be abnormally interesting. Remember my dream of a tablet horde at Gezer.