The Press And The Crazy

Jim West actually has a good idea. Happy Face

Here’s my suggestion: when some ridiculous claim is made by the Simchas of the world and someone writes or discovers a reasonable, responsible, scholarly debunking each and every one of us copy the link and the text of the debunking in an email (and it has to be in the body of the email, the AP doesn’t allow attachments) and submit it to the AP. You can submit via email or snail mail at the contact information provided here.

He goes on to outline how he sees it working,
As Rob Crompton points out in a comment to Jim’s post, the effectiveness of this may be limited. But I doubt it will be as limited as just letting the crazies and opportunists have the field to themselves. The main problem is that reasoned evaluation and criticism takes time and the news cycle waits for no informed critic.