The Rapture: A Saga That Will Never End

At least it won’t end in our life time. I’ll make you a little bet. I’ll bet you this blog, valued at $12,419.88, that the Rapture, whatever that is exactly, will not come before this Wednesday! Mail delivery will happen on Wednesday just as it did on September 19 when the same people thought we’d see the rapture, that is until they discovered a miscalculation. I predict another miscalculation. Those who made the last miscalculation will discover another one Wednesday morning.
Who would go to the trouble of making something like this?

Unimportant Chart

I always wonder if these things are hoaxes, parodies, the supposed grounds for some true belief or a misguided tool of an apologist. It is so hard to tell sometimes. Of course, there are hoaxers who would go to that trouble and much more but so might someone who is at best a dilettante believer and at worst a complete nut, provided there’s a difference.
By the way, anyone who thinks Abnormal Interests is worth $12,419.88 is likely also very concerned about Tuesday.
Via Pharyngula.