The September Edition of The Biblical Studies Carnival Is Up

Calling it “September: Spring comes to Biblical Blogaria,” Tim Bulkeley has posted the September edition of the Biblical Studies Carnival on Sansbloque. Not surprisingly much of this month’s edition deals with Jesus’ recent marriage or at least some papyrus fragment, ancient or modern, that strongly implies that at least some Christians thought he was married. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some Christian thought such a thing. At least one other ancient document implies the same thing. However, this new (and it could be very new indeed) fragment implies it a little more clearly than any others.
However, Tim covers many others things of abnormal interest. Drop by and give “Spring comes to Biblical Blogaria” a read. And take a few of the links too.
By the way, for those not in the know and until a few minutes ago I was among you, Urban Dictionary defines ‘bolgaria’, “When you Blog on everything and anything no matter how fu*king stupid it is. [des, * in original].” But with an exception here or there, most of the posts Tim links to are far from stupid. Oh yes, it is Spring time in the southern hemisphere.

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