The Time Of My Life

The Global Arab Network is reporting on abnormally interesting work from Bronze and Iron Age strata at Tal al-Asharena in Syria. Archaeologists discovered lots of interesting domestic pottery in a Bronze Age mud brick building. Fun and potentially important stuff.
The same article tells us of work from a somewhat latter period at Qasr al- Heir al-Sharki in Palmyra. I did find one sentence in this section rather disconcerting. “Some plaster fragments and coins dating back to 1980s and 1990s were also discovered.” Hmmm, the 1980’s and 1990’s, those were among my most productive years. I always thought it would take a little longer for them to be of archaeological interest.

One thought on “The Time Of My Life”

  1. Does that make you an antique? Perhaps an antiquities dealer would be interested. More seriously:
    “If you found a US penny in a trench at a dig that was assumed to contain only ancient items, you wouldn’t claim the penny to be a forgery when you saw it. First, however, you would have to recognize that it’s a penny.” Anon.
    (“The Newark Ritual artifacts”)
    At least they recognized the items as late 20th century and didn’t call them forgeries…

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