The Western Regional SBL – A Quick Comment

or three.
First, I had a great time seeing old friends like Chris Heard (remember when he was a great blogger), Don Benjamin (who may aspire to be a great blogger) and Brad Kelle and meeting for the first time several peoples whose work I have learned from.
Second, I found it very humorous that Bruce Zuckerman congratulated me for getting the Catholic Biblical Quarterly to use the word “pisser” in a title. Even more humorous was Brad’s observation that my CBQ paper will forever be known by its the short abbreviation, “Smith, Pisser.”
Third, I was surprised at some of the concern expressed by several folks, both in formal remarks and in private conversation, at that movement to form a secular section within the SBL at the national level. The most surprising thing about this was that it came from people whose public scholarly work could serve as a definition of secular scholarship and who are, in a couple of cases, every bit as applaud at the blatantly sectarian encroachments into the life of our learned society as are those of us who think the new section useful.
I may say something about a couple of the papers later.

One thought on “The Western Regional SBL – A Quick Comment”

  1. I’m getting the impression the proposed SBL section was poorly described, and since it was my blog post that publicized it, I’m taking the blame.
    A lot of people are mistaking our talking about secularism as implying that we are the only people doing secular work. I think our group may need a new name to avoid that implication.

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