There’s Serious Humor and Then There’s Just Plain Funny

Over the last couple of days, two unrelated essays have hit the internet.
First, Alun Salt made the skeptical case for the Titanic remaining unsinkable. For example, “The data is contradictory. The officers of the Titanic claimed it went down in one piece, yet some passengers clearly saw it break up on the surface.” Alun was being funny while making his very serious point.
Second, there’s Kent Hovind’s Patriot Bible University doctoral dissertation, now available for your perusal. Would you have guessed that Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Augustine, Mohammed, and Thomas Aquinas were all evolutionists? Hovind was trying to be serious but ended up only being seriously funny.
Sorry Alun for putting your great stuff in the same post as Kent Hovind’s nuttiness but for quite different reasons you both make me laugh.