Thinking Within The Box

For the last several days I’ve been proofreading my contributions to Alan Lenzi’s forthcoming Reading, Akkadian Prayers and Hymns – An Introduction. Any regular abnormal reader knows that I’m not very good at proofreading. The proofreading of my four prayers goes quite a bit beyond the normal. The chapters are quite technical. This proofreading requires collating the Akkadian texts with their official publications to make sure there are no remaining errors in transcription. Normalizations must be verified, automated cuneiform reproductions confirmed. And then there are all those references that need checking.
So far, during this activity, I don’t think I’ve had a single creative thought. I haven’t even has a single bad creative thought. For this respite from bad thoughts, Shirley is thankful. While there have not been any creative thoughts, the time has not been without thought (and involuntary swearing). And I still have a lot of this yet to do.