This Story Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Can you redo a prayer?

A prayer at Friday’s session of the Minnesota House given by anti-gay preacher Bradlee Dean erupted a firestorm of criticism among DFL legislators and some in the GOP. Dean, whose fiery brand of anti-LGBT preaching riled opponents of GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer last fall, led the House in prayer, asserting that President Obama was not a Christian. Republican leadership, sensing controversy, asked the official House chaplain to conduct an unusual second prayer. [The Minnesota Independent]

Was God confused?
Oh, and why did the Minnesota House invite this guy in the first place? Did they just not know what he would say and how he would say it?

One thought on “This Story Raises More Questions Than It Answers”

  1. Fake controversies by minority biggots, broadcasted by corrupt news agencies to distract the people from real issues. Minnesota is home to the biggest gender-bending celebrity there is: Prince. So I’m sure nobody right in their head is really listening. They’re watching Ellen instead. So let’s not give obvious crackpots free publicity.

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