Trick Or Treat

This guy was the only creature who begged at our door last night. He was dressed as a cat.

Plastic Bag the cat

We gave him a half of cup of cat food. That must have worked because as far as we can tell he didn’t do anything to our house or property.
He is the neighborhood feral cat. We call him Plastic Bag. Coming home a year or so ago, we saw this whitish thing among our bushes and mistakenly thought he was a plastic bag that blew there from a trash bin. When Shirley went to get it, the “plastic bag” moved. Various the neighbors feed him on a rather irregular basis and we provide him the shelter of our garage when it rains. He and our cat, Socrates, seem to be friends. At least they greet each other through our screen doors without any display of anger. I can’t say that about other cats that come to our door from time to time. Plastic Bag clearly doesn’t want to be touched but he is not afraid of people either. You can get as close to him as you want as long as you keep you hands to yourself.