Truism Of The Day

For lawmakers at every level of government, there are two unalterable prerequisites for making bad policy.
One: Paint yourself into a corner. Two: Run yourself up against an implacable deadline.

It’s hard to find a more obvious truism than that contained in these words by Michael Hiltzik in the Los Angeles Times.

2 thoughts on “Truism Of The Day”

  1. This is of course true but I still choose to dismiss the political nonsense concerning the (supposed) repair of the economy as mere gesture of action. It’s unlikely to have gotten this far if these political decisions and incessant, inter-party arguing over proper action hadn’t been mere gesture all along.
    What else can we expect from politics though? Perhaps one day we’ll finally create democracy in a genuine way. For now, we’ll just have to experience the failures of “representative democracy” which is neither representative nor democracy. Comedian and social critic George Carlin brazenly spoke out against voting precisely in part because of this garbage playing out now. His wisdom lives on.

  2. Times like this where I wish blogs had a simple “Like” button like Facebook posts (I wouldn’t have to take up page space with a comment, like this one, to say the same). 🙂 😛

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