Two Simple Questions For Paul M. Blowers

I read Paul M. Blowers’ piece in the current Bible and Interpretation with interest. Two questions remain: 1) Does Blowers think Christopher Rollston should be terminated from Emmanuel Christian Seminary over Rollston’s Huntington Post article “The Marginalization of Women: A Biblical Value We Don’t Like to Talk About.” 2) If so, why? Whatever the answer to these two questions, Blowers’ attack on Rollston clearly goes beyond a merely intellectual disagreement.
Blowers may not like the fact that his tiff with Rollston has become a topic of public discussion, but anytime there is an attack on livelihood of a public intellectual, it is a public matter.
For the record, I would have the same opinion if Rollston attacked Blowers over an intellectual disagreement that also seemed to have implications regarding Blowers’ job.

One thought on “Two Simple Questions For Paul M. Blowers”

  1. “but anytime there is an attack on livelihood of a public intellectual, it is a public matter.”
    I am going to disagree with this as employment in the private sector, which universities fall under, are private matters and not for public discourse.
    The other problem I find in this whole discussion is that the uinbelieving scholar wants the Christian institutions to follow their ideas of what the rules should be. That cannot be done in Christian circles as we go by God’s rules not man’s.
    Rollston has basically said that God is wrong and that human ideas are greater than His by writing what he wrote. You can’t be in a Christian institution, representing Christ and God and then turn around and say God is wrong.
    All Dr. Rollston has done is undermine the message of the Bible and telling unbelievers that he, as a supposed christian, doesn’t believe the very book he is supposed to teach an dpreach from.
    That is not good. If Christians do not believe God and the Bible then how can we expect unbelievers to do so?
    Women are not marginalized in the Bible nor are they second class. God has given them different roles than man but that doesn’t make women unequal or inferior. It means they have different duties, just like a professor of OT has different duties than the PE teacher. They are not unequal but have different roles.
    It would be best if people let Emmanuel handle this and stop interfering in something that is none of their business.

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