Unready for Memnon of Troy or Noah

Æthelred UnrædMemnon of Troy may be one of my relatives. Noah may be also. But who isn’t related to Noah? However, I have my doubts about these long lost relatives. I’ve mention a couple of times that Shirley is working on my Scottish and ultimately my English ancestry. What I didn’t mention is that by one reckoning, she has traced my ancestry back to Memnon of Troy and even to Noah! What is rather certain is that I am related to Æthelred the Unready. He is one of my 30th great grandfathers on my mother’s side of the family. Shirley thinks this is certain for two reasons. First, she claims to see in him a family trait, not our mutual resemblance, which, even with him lacking a beard, is uncanny, but rather his nickname, Unræd. Various alternative meanings for Unræd do not improve the situation. Second, she can trace with a high degree of reliability every generation between this two-time king of England and me. It is through dear Æthelred that my genetic heritage is further traceable to Memnon of Troy and to Noah. Abnormally, it appears that Memnon of Troy may have lived before Noah.
I do like the connection with Troy. It must be true. After all, I’m an alumnus of the University of Southern California (BSEE 1964). That said, somewhere a generation or two before Æthelred is where reality ends and something else begins. The ultimate source for any claim of an unbroken line of genes from Memnon to me is the Icelandic “Prose Edda” which I am told is not completely reliable. By this account, a certain Bedwig, the sixth great grandson of Memnon of Troy, is in my line. Another source tells us that this same Bedwig was the grandson of Noah. If you believe the stuff about Memnon, you may not have any problems with the Noah documentation either. There is another account of Æthelred’s ancestry that is shorter in length and considerably less Homeric and Biblical. I have my doubts about it also.
My guess is that if you are directly related to a daughter or son of Great Britain you are related to Æthelred Unræd. Whether or not you are related to Memnon of Troy or Noah is more problematic.