Update: On The Tiryns Ivory Cuneiform Inscription

I’ve reposted a somewhat revised draft of my paper on the Tiryns ivory cuneiform inscription at Academia.edu. I have just heard that Manfried Dietrich and Oswald Loretz’, “Rhabdomantie im mykenischen Palast von Tiryns. Das Fragment eines kurz-alphabetisch beschrifteten Elfenbeinstabs, (Ti 02 LXIII 34/91 VI d12.80 = KTU(3) 6.104″ is forethcoming in the next issue of Ugarit Forschungen. In the light of this development, it is unlikely that my paper will ever be published in its current form. After Dietrich and Loretz’ treatment becomes available I may rewrite the paper should I still have anything relevant to say.
It is noteworthy that Dietrich and Loretz have “kurz-alphabetisch” in their title. However their work may differ from mine, it is clear that, like me, they see this inscription as in the/a short cuneiform alphabet. Having now communicated with several scholars, including Dennis Pardee, on this inscription, there appears to be a growing consensus that the text is in a short cuneiform alphabet, that the first letter should be read as an M, and that the text should be read from right to left. With good reason, there is considerable disagreement (or perhaps better, confusion) on the reading of the second letter. While I’ve moved a little bit from some aspects of my October posts on this, you heard about how the inscription should be read here first.