Varnishing A Turd

Perhaps I’m being way too cynical and I was indeed thrilled to see Gabby Giffords’ return to the House floor but the timing of her return reminded me of the common marketing procedure of varnishing a turd. If something is negative, create a seemingly related distraction that provides a positive emotional response.

Return of Gabby Giffords to the House floor

I have no idea if this was was a case of varnishing a turd but it sure served the purpose.
If the metaphorical title of this post upsets you, perhaps you would prefer, “A Spoon Full Of Sugar. . .”

One thought on “Varnishing A Turd”

  1. Appeals to emotion veil the eyes of majority when most lack the mental or moral strength to split fact from feeling.
    Maybe we are expected to consume the statist distortion implied on the emotional and subconscious level that anyone questioning government is immoral and heartless, as if we had assaulted Gabby Giffords ourselves. Obvious nonsense on the explicit and conscious level, of course, but it’s surprising what the uncritical mind will tend to accept on the subconscious level.

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