Was The Horse Domesticated 9,000 years Ago?

Archaeologists working at a Neolithic site at al-Maqar in Saudi Arabia think so. I need to see a little more.

Figurine of a horse

Unattributed BBC Photo.

While there may have better evidence, a figurine of a horse, however amazing, is not necessarily evidence that the horse was domesticated. It isn’t evidence that it wasn’t either. I need to see more. For example, evidence of horse manure in an enclosure or images of horses doing things for or with people might convince me.
Oh, is that thing to the left of the horse in the photo a large scraper or is it a domesticated fish?

3 thoughts on “Was The Horse Domesticated 9,000 years Ago?”

  1. I think it’s a domesticated goat-fish – look at the upper part, that’s clearly the Sumerian sign ÁB, and the lower part is obviously a fish. Domesticated suhurmaššu – it cannot be disputed on the base of this evidence. *nods gravely*

  2. Aydin,
    Yes, I can see how it could be a domesticated slug. But I’m not so clear on the exact species. I’m attempted combine a couple suggestions and posit a sea slug, domesticated of course.
    You are correct. On the basis of the evidence presented it just might be a goat fish. So it appears that we have at al-Maqar not only the earliest evidence for a domesticated horse but the earliest evidence for the ÁB sign? The wonders of archaeology never end.

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