What Is The Difference Between Urinating And Defecating?

This is not a question of biology. I know the answer to that one. Rather it is a question of mores. Did the inhabitants of ancient Israel and Judah have different mores regarding urination than they had regarding defecation when they only had to urinate? And if so, to what extent were these mores consistent over time, place and religious (or sectarian) tradition?
As the world’s leading authority on pissing against a wall Happy Face, I have a stake in these questions. I was hoping that James Tabor’s ASOR blog paper “Texts without Qumran and Qumran without Texts: Searching for the Latrines” would answer the question at least for Qumran. It didn’t. Even so, Tabor’s piece is abnormally interesting.

Duane E. Smith, “‘Pisser against a Wall’: An Echo of Divination in Biblical Hebrew,” Catholic Biblical Quarterly, 72.4 (Oct. 2010), 699-717 (Yes, this is shameful self-promotion but why else would one have a blog.)

Via Jim West