What Kind of Facts Might These Be?

I just saw a TV commercial in which the California Chamber of Commerce invited viewers to go to their website “for facts and answers about our future.” Amazing.
So I went there and did not find a single fact or answer about our future. I did find some things that may or may not be facts about our past and our present but not a single fact about our future.
Even when used in reference to something that is knowable, the word “fact(s)” is not so easy to define. Mere facts are not even very interesting and until our future arrives facts about it aren’t any kind of facts at all.
Are facts about the future of the same type as facts one knows to be false? I once had to fill out an insurance form that sternly warned me, “It is against the law to fill out this form with facts you know to be false.” Anything anyone, including the California Chamber of Commerce, tells you about the future is likely to be false in many ways.

One thought on “What Kind of Facts Might These Be?”

  1. It’s fun to note all the irrational jingles and slogans all around us and break down their logical absurdity. Sometimes I do this too but I can’t think of any absurd examples right now. They’re sort of like the old Jack Handey’s Deep Thoughts on SNL. In our consumerist society driven so much by marketing, it’s probably even a good meditative exercise too to keep from going insane (or, if not, at least to have fun while going insane).

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