Where Does My Obligation End?

I’m thinking about using the word abundance with regard to a biblical passage in the way students of literature sometimes use it in reference to Shakespeare. For example Walter Kaufmann wrote of Shakespeare’s poetry in From Shakespeare to Existentialism, “Shakespeare’s poetry is the poetry of abundance. There is laughter in it and despair but no resentment or self-pity [1980 edition, page 3].”
But Kaufmann was neither the first nor the last to use abundance in this way. Horace Howard Furness, used it in much the same way in his 1888 annotated edition of The Merchant of Venice (page 240). Was he the first? I have no idea.
Assuming I do use abundance in this way, what is my obligation to document its use? The paper in which I may use it is on the snake in Genesis 3 and not on Shakespeare. The draft of this paper is already laden with mostly relevant and sometimes lengthy footnotes. An abundance of references to the use of abundance would not be relevant. But simply citing Kauffman, or Saccio, or even Furness just doesn’t seem adequate.