Who Is This Guy?

Yesterday, a group of us celebrated our high school graduating class’s 50th reunion or so it was called. There haven’t actually been 50 reunions. I think there have been about four or five but it’s the first one I’ve attended. While I had a very good time and Shirley claims that she had a good time too, I likely won’t go to anther one until our 100th rolls around. I do plan to see some of these long lost friends again well before then.
A few of these seeming strangers I was able to recognize. But often I needed a clue such as their name. Several I still don’t know who they are or were. There were over 250 kids in our graduating class. Only about 40 of us gathered, first at our high school and then at a hotel banquet room, for the celebration. Among those I didn’t recognize at first was the guy pictured below.

Me in April or May, 1960

This granny picture scanned from our senior yearbook was part of a photo identification tag that the current high school students gave us. The circle at the top is for the ribbon that we used to wear the thing around our neck. The real problem was that at first I didn’t recognize myself. I’ve had a beard since 1970. I don’t know what I look like without one now. I surely didn’t know what I looked like without one in 1960. But I was assured that it is really a picture of me. This assurance came from several people who I likely wouldn’t have recognized without their identification tags.
While the ethnic makeup of the old school has changed, the current students are, as we were, children of working class families. Our student hosts were energetic and wonderfully knowledgeable of the history of the school. While much has changed, much is still the same. Go Eagles!

Bell Eagles pennant