Will It Ever End?

Will the search for Noah’s Ark ever end? Not any times soon if Randall Price has his way.

If Noah’s Ark has been sitting on a mountain somewhere in the Middle East for a few millennia, a few more months of waiting are a small price to pay, at least for Randall Price.
Price, who heads Liberty University’s Center For Judaic Studies, talked in January about his planned two-season expedition into Turkey, with the hopes of finding the Biblical artifact. He arrived in Turkey over the summer.
But Price said since then, he’s faced pressure from a political group in Turkey that is forcing him to keep his excursion very hush-hush.

Even after digging a hole in a glacier and facing political problems, he didn’t find the any ark, not Noah’s, not Atrahasis’, not Gilgamesh’s. No surprise there. But that doesn’t mean he’s giving up.

Price said he’s aware that whatever rests under the glacier might not be the jackpot he has been looking for.
“While we’d like to think it’s Noah’s Ark, we’re not sure what it is, but it’s in the right place,” he said.
. . .
“There is negotiation between Turkish authorities and this warring faction,” he said, “and that should enable us to go back without problems next year.”

If you have the stomach for it, you can read the whole story at Lynchburg News Advance.
As PZ Myers said, “When your professors are looking for a 4,000 year old boat that beached on a mountain top after a global flood, you might as well give up on any pretense to scholarly credibility, OK?”

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