You Can See Russia From Alaska

Well, you can see a Russian Orthodox church from Sitka, Alaska.

Russian Orthodox church in Sitka Alaska

Since my last post, Shirley and I cruised to Glacier Bay, Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan, Alaska and made a rather short, somewhat pointless, but fun stop in Victoria, BC. The cruise was put together by the Skeptics Society. During at sea days we enjoyed lectures on climate change science by Donald Prothero, Bruce Molnia and Anders Carlson; on private and governmental emergency planning for climate change by Randall Duncan; and on the psychology of belief regarding climate change (among other things) and how science seeks, with varying degrees of success, to overcome cognitive biases by Michael Shermer. We also got to listen to a wonderfully irreverent performance by Roy Zimmerman.
I may post a few more pictures and a few comments over the next few days. We had a great time but are happy to get back to abnormal.

One thought on “You Can See Russia From Alaska”

  1. You went at a good time of year. Alaska is fairly nice in Summer (particularly August), and everything is green and colourful. I have been contemplating moving back there (after only 3 years being away). However — if I do — I might try to do Winters somewhere like SoCal where the temp generally stays above 55°F in the Winter. 🙂
    As far as seeing Russia from Alaska, there are 3 places you can do that (that I am aware of), but there are no cruises that will take you to those parts of Alaska (I guess that side of Alaska is considered too uninteresting by the Lower 48 folks). 😛

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