You Might Be Getting Ripped Off

Be sure to check the price of your Medicare supplemental insurance plan.
If you have Part B Medicare supplemental medical insurance or know someone who does, you might want to check the cost. Shirley has had a Plan F Part B Medicare policy with Anthem for over five years. I’ve had the same plan for four years. Since we were generally happy with the coverage, we didn’t look at it all that carefully over those years. But, it being open enrollment time, this year we decided to take a look to see if we could find something that was a little cheaper, had about the same coverage, and perhaps met our current financial and medical situation a little better.
Sure enough we found something – a Plan F Part B Medicare policy with Anthem. Yep, if we enrolled Anthem’s new Plan F policy and cancelled our old Anthem Plan F policy, we would save about $65.00 per month. The only difference between this new plan and our old one is the cost and the marketing name (Senior Classic vs. Standard). The coverage is exactly the same. Anthem didn’t tell us about this. We discovered it on our own. In fact, Anthem notified us that Shirley’s premium, but not mine, would increase this year. That’s the main reason we started looking. When Shirley called Anthem Customer Service to chat about this she was transferred to another department. The representative in that department and her supervisor both assured Shirley that the issue belonged to Customer Service and not them.
And the insurance companies wonder why people don’t have a high opinion of them.
We’ve decided to go with another company but we have no delusions about how they will treat us next year.
By the way, the premiums would be even less if we went with the Plan F high deductible version and, at least in my case, we likely will.